The Shaskeen Irish pub and restaurant is named after the famous traditional Irish tune the Shaskeen reel. Shaskeen also means marshy land otherwise known as the bog.

The Shaskeen pub and restaurant is the creation of traditional Irish musicians Tommy and Louise McCarthy who also own the Burren pub and restaurant in Somerville Mass and the Skellig pub and restaurant in Waltham Mass. They have teamed up in the Shaskeen with Matt Molloy flute player with the Chieftains and owner of Matt Molloys pub in Westport Co. Mayo, Ireland.

The Shaskeen opened its doors in November, 2005 with a grand opening performance with the Chieftains and Michael Flatley. The Shaskeen is serving fine food, music and drink with a warm friendly Irish atmosphere to make you feel like you are back in the auld sod.

Come join us for lunch, dinner, music or drink and see for yourself what everyone in New Hampshire is talking about!

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