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11 hours ago

Rap-Night Manchester

Shout out to HG FAM.New England Patriots Run Yards as MC’s Spit Bars
Manchester, NH
Grading papers as the bass pounds my heart out of my chest.
A rap night at best.
Looking at the computer screen, makes my eyes shake,
Or is it the table which the vibrations quake.

Day and night jobs collide,
My multitasking skills were never one to put aside,
Usually I mingle around the space,
Or get ready at my own pace,
However, the Patriots run across the screen,
Putting a delay on the music scene.

I take the opportunity to get on my daytime duty.
Bounce’n to some hip hop classics that sooth me.
Glasses on and editing with flow,
Reading papers like spoken word,
In my head, in rhythm, voice unheard.

The cypher starts while the third quarter is in motion,
MC's comment about the football devotion,

Patriots won once the forth was done,
Good energy filled the room, from everyone.
DJ Myth and Seth Gagnon sustained the energy’s high,
Allowing the music scene to ossify,
We play our set as eye contact is met,
experiential listening as those tune in
Not expecting 90’s hip hop with a spin,
They all stayed late, its now passed one, the next morning,
The alarm with be ringing for work, without warming.

Many stopped to converse as we pack up our gear,
Discussions of classical hip-hop at the frontier.

HG TOUR - pOeTrY SLAM Vol. 3

Rap-Night Manchester
The Shaskeen Pub and Restaurant

Written by: Christine Elise
Featured Artist: Kuf Knotz📷
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